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Living For The Sake Of Living
I'm Cecilia and i like bands, butts, and Sky Acord.
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Put a “Hey Babe” in my ask if you’d date me



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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

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Please ignore this rant. I have no where else to rant.

I really cannot handle anyone right now. My date to prom can’t go with me because he lives an hour away and both our parents freaked out on us about it. And I really like this kid so it sucks. My math grade is still an F after I did really well on my last test. I’ve had my phone taken away at night and on weekends since February because of it. I can’t go hang out with my friends either to get away from things. I’m sad because I’ve gained a lot of weight since last summer so I’ve become really self conscious about myself again right when I was beginning to love myself. I’ve just been feeling really depressed.

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